Congratulations Fred

It was July long weekend when I received a phone call from Fred for the first time, he was interested in moving and having me as his Realtor. Fred said that he was very busy and travelled a lot, and I didn't quite understand the magnitude of what he meant at that time. We set up a time in the next couple of weeks to meet and discuss his future move.


When I walked into the door I was greeted with the warmest welcome and a wonderful hug. I couldn't quite figure out where I knew him from, but after a bit of discussion we figured out that I had attended an event where he was one of the speakers just a few months earlier. I was in attendance at Truth and Reconciliation at the Human Rights Museum and had heard his story. It was at this time that I began to learn and understand a lot more about Fred, and the incredible person that he is. 

He was not exaggerating when he told me that he travelled a lot. Through the time that we have been looking for a new home for Fred, he has literally travelled the world. I enjoyed hearing all his stories about the events he was attending, and learning more about his incredible life. Fred is truly an incredible individual, and although I probably shouldn't name favourites, Fred will always be top of my list. 

Every time we would go out looking, Fred was always concerned about me and my family. He would tell me to get going home, ensure that he wasn't taking me away from spending time with them, and just asking every time we saw each other how the kids and husband were doing. 

Through our journey there were some bumps along the way. I believe in total we had written 4 offers. The first was a beautiful spacious condo, with lots of windows, and also in need of a lot of work. At over 100 days on the market we put our offer in, and on that exact same day another offer came in and it was pulled out from under us.

Shortly after we came across another wonderful unit. Our first offer was written and accepted, however there was an unusually strange legal situation that caused us to be in somewhat of a limbo for quite some time. At first we did not want to be a part of it, and then we wrote another offer deciding that we would give them time to sort it out so that we could proceed with the purchase. We gave them a few months, and in the end we were still waiting for the courts to process the legalities and decided we did not want to wait any longer.

We then came across this unit, which for me it just felt so much like Fred. It is cozy, spacious, and has lots of light and ultimately ticks off all the boxes of what Fred was needing.


The first obstacle that we had to cross was the sale of his current home. Heather Drenker and I spent some time with Fred packing up his home, and getting it ready for the market. Poor Fred when he came home and so many of his beloved possession were packed away. Our work paid off, because just 12 hours after it hit the market we had an offer, and we broke records for the complex that he was is living in. 

Today was the day that everything in this deal became complete, and it was also Fred's Birthday. We finished off this amazing day by going out for a Birthday cupcake and I got to enjoy a bit more of Freds time. 

Fred, you are an amazing individual that I am so fortunate to have met. I am so happy for you and look forward visiting you in your new home.