Congratulations Ashley and Mo

It's not every day that you get to work with one of your close friends and help them buy a home. Ashley and I have been friends for over 10 years, and once upon a time lived in the same building and saw each other every single day. Since then our lives have taken us on very different paths, and we only see each other every couple of months, and so it was nice to get to spend so much time with Ashley and Mo over the last little while.


Sometimes I give my clients awards, and these guys get an award for the most amount of driving. Their search criteria was all over the place, and some days we would start in Lorette, over to East St. Paul, and once even ended up in Stony Mountain. There was no shortage of conversation and catching up on these long drives. When they would send me the list of homes they wanted to see I would look at the map and just shake my head at these two. (I am allowed to poke fun at my friends lol) 

On the first day out looking, we had a very underwhelming group of homes that we saw. A few didn't even have a basement, and some needed lots of work, and for their budget they should have been able to get a lot more home. On the second time out we were all stunned with one amazing home, and I am sure that they both still talk about it, however the layout just didn't quite work for them.

There were a few others that they seemed to like a little, and some I had to talk them out of. Then came the first offer on a house with a gorgeous lot near the river. Knowing that the municipality was forcing big bills upon them in the near future we wrote a low offer, and the sellers weren't willing to budge.

From there we wrote an offer on another home that was adorable, but over priced. It was a private sale, and we all found the experience very frustrating as there was next do no dialogue with the seller when trying to negotiate a deal. Ashley and Mo came up a significant amount of money and wrote a second offer, and honestly the counter offer we received was like a slap in the face. They were ready to come up higher in price, but I let them know that the house just wasn't worth that. We were better off to sit and wait on that one till the sellers came to reality. 

A few days later we saw this one, and they both had huge smiles on their faces. It wasn't much more money than the last one they offered on, and had a lot more to offer. They can literally move into this house and do nothing but sit back and enjoy. 

This home has everything they were looking for, and we have already met one of the neighbours that is excited to know who will be living with them. With only 35 days till possession you guys have you work cut out for you in getting ready to move into your amazing home. 


Thank you Ashley and Mo for trusting me with your home purchase. It has been so much fun and I will miss our long drives all over the countryside while we get to reminisce about the good old days and Mo has a little nap in the back seat.