Congratulations Chad

It wasn't very long ago that Chad and I met to get the search started for his first home. From there we went out on a couple of very cold days in search of the perfect home. 

Chad informed me that his parents and girlfriend were coming along for the first day of showings, and I never know exactly what to expect with parents, but this family hands down wins the award for awesomeness. The entire group was so funny, supportive and realistic about the home search.


It was on the second day out that we viewed this home, the first of 5 that day, and I think we all fell in love.  You could tell that it was so well cared for, and although it has some cosmetics that could be upgraded, the home was solid and in fantastic condition. 

Offers were the next day and we knew that there were going to be multiple offers. Not wanting to get a house without an inspection I headed there the next morning to get an inspection done, and everything checked out very well. We put our offer in and crossed all our fingers and toes that our offer would be the one accepted. 

It was later that day that we got the phone call that we were the winner (by only a tiny amount) and I called Chad to let him know. It is always so much fun calling people to let them know they won and will be able to call the home their own. I could tell that Chad was both excited and also struck with the realization that he was going to be a homeowner. There isn't much time to let it all sink in, as possession is only a few weeks away and the whirlwind of collecting and signing documents will go very fast. 

I will admit I am a little disappointed that this all happened so fast, I would have loved to head out and look at some more homes with you and your family Chad, but I am so happy for you that you were able to find such an amazing home.  Congratulations, I can't wait to come and visit once you are all settled in.