Jaycee and Mike


Jaycee works at my favourite store, and so I was thrilled when she contacted me that they were wanting to buy a house. The three of us met, went over all the details of what to expect when buying a home, and then we waited a bit as they wanted to be perfectly financially organized.

A couple months went buy (maybe it was less, but it felt like it was a while) and I got the dreaded text….. “we found something we like, its over our budget, AND it’s private sale”. I immediately opened up my laptop and looked up the property. Phew, it was a private sale that was cooperating with Realtors, so that wasn’t even a hurdle, but we still had to tackle the over budget part.

Mike and Jaycee had been out to look at it a couple times at open houses and got to know the seller, which I usually don’t recommend, but in this case I think it worked out well to our advantage. Once I saw it with them I understood why they loved the place. It was owned by the original owners who were meticulous. Everything in the house had been kept perfect and up to date. It was solid, in a great location and has an amazing yard.

So the next step was getting to work negotiating an offer. With private sellers I never know what to expect, but this one was a pleasant surprise as well. Last Saturday we got to work in negotiations after writing the offer later on Friday evening, and we were all very happy with where we ended up, under budget!

We did the inspection last night, and it just re-affirmed how awesome this home is. Finding gems like this is rare, but this really is an awesome home, they have also built a relationship with the sellers which gives us all the warm fuzzies as the sellers get to see their home go to an amazing couple

Jaycee and Mike, this journey was incredibly quick! In the short time we got to work together you were amazing and a lot of fun. I can’t wait to come see you in YOUR home!!