Congratulations Marco!

Marco and I go to the same gym, and somehow over the years have never met. Our mutual friend Angie told me I should get in touch with her friend Marco as he was wanting to buy a home, shortly after we became facebook friends we had met to get the search started for his first home.

Maroc -1-2.jpg

Marco ended up offering on the very first house he saw, and sadly we got outbid by just a few thousand dollars. From there the search continued looking at homes every once in a while over the following months. 

Marco was always quiet while we were looking at a home, but I could always tell he was never really excited about the home. He would always say "ya no" at the end of it and we would carry on. There was one that he nearly offered on but the lack of any kind of a yard made it a no go.

Then we stumbled upon this one, it was a foreclosure and in need of some love. We took a good look around it and at the end he said "lets do it, lets offer" and so we got the offer written right away. We went from being the only offer to being in competition again by the time the offer was reviewed. We were able to do a bit of negotiating and keep the possession and price just the way we wanted it, and still get the house! 

Congratulations Marco! I cant wait to see what this house looks like after you put just a little bit of love into it. It has all the space you will need, and a fabulous yard as well! You were a fabulous patient client and it was a pleasure working with you!