436 Waterford SOLD


I first met this amazing family at an open house I was doing in the neighbourhood they want to move to. They still had some work to do to this home to get it ready to wow potential buyers and they worked incredibly hard all summer long to get maximum wow factor! 

We hit the market at 8am last week, and at 8:07 I received our first showing request. It carried on like that the whole way through where we didn't have a single day without a showing for the entire week. In total we had 25 showings! Jay and Sheryl worked hard to ensure that the home was always show ready for that entire week. 

On offers date we had the pleasure of sitting down and reviewing multiple offers. It was a situation where there wasn't a clear winner, and it took us nearly an hour to figure out which offer was going to be the best fit for them. In the end we were able to negotiate an little more money in their pocket and a "clean" offer which meant we were able to mark it as SOLD that very night! 


Sitting down and reviewing offers with them showed me a lot about their character. They have big hearts were more worried about hurting the individual we had to say no to than their pocket books. Jay especially has a high level of determination, as I discovered when a bottle of wine needed to be opened and there was no corkscrew to be found, I have never seen someone work so hard to open a bottle of wine (which was delicious and worth the efforts) 

Congratulations to you and your family. Maybe soon we will get to be neighbours in our new area of town.