David and Sandra

One of the first times we were out searching for a home David said to me "how will we know when we find the right house?" I explained that after searching for a while you will know when you find the right one.

The next time we were out searching, we had just left a house that they both liked and were standing in the backyard of another home. I had shut the back gate and turned around to see David and Sandra standing there smiling at each other while holding hands. It was the sweetest moment (I wish I had a camera ready) and it was at that time that I knew without even asking that they had found the home for them. 

We went back to that home with both fathers (who have an amazing bromance) and took another look around. After the fathers stamp of approval we wrote up the offer and got it delivered. The following day it was accepted as written and we moved forward with the inspection. 

Working with you guys was so much fun. I loved all the conversations we had as we were looking at homes and I can't wait to see you move into this home.