Congratulations Dana

I love telling these stories so that everyone gets to hear all the ups and downs of real estate transactions, and this story is no exception to that. 

When Dana and I first began her search, I learnt that Dana had already put offers in on a few other condos only to have things not work out. This trend continued as we wrote one offer only to have a second offer sneak in last minute and offer more than us, and another that we tried incredibly hard to make it work however we could not come to an agreement on possession.

Then there was this condo, we offered on it and things started quite simply and soon became more complex. With condos there is a lot of paperwork to go over, and this unit was no exception.   With 7 days to review all the documents Dana went to work reading everything throughly. She had a few questions regarding information in the reserve fund study and finding answers to those questions was proving very difficult. Finally we were put in contact with a past board member who was fully aware of all the questions and answers and was able to answer things for us. Shortly after we were given more documents and therefore more questions were raised. This delightful past board member helped us out once again so that Dana could make the right decision regarding her purchase. 

Dana was an incredible client, making two trips to my own home to sign and receive documents and dealing with my family vacation all in the midst of working things out. I appreciate all the extra efforts you went to Dana helping me to put everything together.  You are going to love your new home, and your main guy is pretty exited too!