Congratulations Katelyn

I met Katelyn quite a while ago, over a year I believe. She was referred to me from a mortgage broker who had just pre qualified her. In the initial sit down with Katelyn I learned that an employee at another financial institution had told her that a single girl shouldn’t be buying a home one her own, and that she should wait till she was older and settled down before she purchased. That same institution did not qualify her for a mortgage. Since I purchased my first home at the age of 19 I knew all to well that this individual was very wrong, and Katelyn was indeed fully able to purchase a home on her own.  Her friends directed her to a mortgage broker who understood her needs and wants and got her set up and ready to go.

It took about a year to get to the point where we were ready to start looking at places. But once we started looking it didn’t take long to find “the one”

We headed out and looked at a few different condos and on the very first day we had a couple that we wanted to take a very long serious look at. So we went back with her sister and spent a little over an hour in each one sitting, listening, and observing everything around them. We went back with her dad and brother in law to get the final stamp of approval, which they did.

We wrote an offer and began negotiating, which unfortunately didn’t go as planned. There was a $2000 gap between where we wanted to be and where the seller wanted to be, and we decided to walk away. Katelyn had a holiday, enjoyed Christmas and then we decided to come back with another offer. We ended up at the exact same place we did the first time, but this time it felt much better.

Katelyn, you were super easy going and a delight to work with. You are going to love this beautiful condo! Congratulations!!