Rod and Jessica

This family and I met for the first time at a listing I had in January. They liked the house and wrote an offer, however the offer was not accepted. From there we started casually looking at homes. We had quite an adventure with every house that they liked, and were having bad luck when it came to writing offers.

There was another house that they liked enough to write an offer and it was a gong show to say the least in trying to set up a showing, never mind write an offer.  We had an incredible amount of obstacles and the house just wasn't meant to be theirs.

It was when we were viewing another home outside the city that it clicked for me and I realized that a few weeks earlier I had been introduced to "the one." The tricky part was the sellers were not ready to sell. I asked the sellers for a showing and let Rod and Jess know that we were able to take a look.  Rod and Jess were going into it blind, having no idea what to expect. I found it fun, however, Jess admitted that she had nightmares the night before about this mystery house I was showing them.

Thankfully Jess's nightmares were far from correct, and it didn't take long for me to realize that this was indeed the perfect home for them. Once they confirmed this we had to figure out how to make this home theirs.

We wrote an offer, and I had to get to work finding the sellers a new home. Through the next month it was a lot of hard work to make everything fall into place. From finding the sellers a new home, to selling Rod and Jess's home. There were several pieces to the puzzle which all came together one nail biting evening on September 29th.

Your family was an absolute delight to work with. You had your doubts over the course of our relationship, but I thank you for trusting me with this huge life decision. Congratulations, you will have many, many happy years in this new family home!