Leanne and Tim

Leanne and I grew up together and I spent a lot of my childhood running around her family's farm. I was thrilled when I got the message from Tim this past summer letting me know that they were wanting to start looking for a home.

Tim and Leanne are a very motivated couple and were super excited to get into a home. It didn't take us very long to get ourselves organized and head out looking at homes. We found an amazing home super close to Leanne's work that was going to work perfectly for them. We all fell absolutely in love with the home, and if I was in the market for a home I would have offered on this house. We submitted our offer and sadly it did not get accepted, we got out bid by a huge amount.

I think we were all a little heartbroken about that one, but it is so true when they say that everything happens for a reason. Soon after that some things changed for Leanne and Tim and that house would no longer have been suitable for them with the new changes.

Tim contacted me when he found this house, it did not meet their search criteria and so I was a little skeptical, but they really wanted to see it. This house was priced very very well, but it needed a lot of elbow grease. After a thorough inspection they decided that they were ready to take on the work and make this house their home.

They have set some very tight deadlines and want to move in within a month, and I can't wait to see the renovations! You guys were awesome to work with and I cannot wait to come and visit you in this amazing home!