Congratulations Nick and Jocelyne


I met with this family a few months ago. They were in no huge rush as there was still a good amount of time left on their lease, but they were eager to start the home search and leave behind a less than pleasant landlord. 

Because of complex scheduling, I didn't get to go out and see too many homes with them, they would conquer the open houses by themselves and provide me with sometimes funny commentary on their experiences.  When they found one they liked we would bring in the troops which included myself and Dad.  My mind is a big foggy, but I feel this only happened 3 times. With one house we found some comical electrical work which was enough to make us run away. We saw plenty of slanty shanties, and others that just simply needed a lot of work. 

I got the text on a Saturday afternoon "OMG! I am in love" The next day we went back for a good look over and wrote our list of items that may need some work. The house was solid and had everything they wanted, with a honey do list that wasn't totally manageable. A few items that could wait a little bit if need be (or maybe persuade Dad do do them sooner) 

There was an offers date and so we discussed the many things that could happen, thankfully the best case scenario... we were the only offer, and after a bit of negotiating they accepted our offer as written. Nick and Jocelyne got the price possession they wanted! (both areas we expected some push back on) 

Congratulations, this is the most amazing Christmas present for you and your family. I can't wait to come over and visit your newest addition to the family in your fabulous new home!