We sold our place!

What an incredibly stressful week! Waiting for the conditions to pass on our offer was like watching paint dry, only there are kids running all around the house close to the paint trying to muck it up and the paint just doesn't seem to want to dry no matter how much you encourage it to! 


The conditions took what seemed like forever, and in the world of real estate it was. The buyers had over a week to satisfy conditions, and they took that entire week. I have seen extension being needed due to appraisals or complications that may arise, but for a normal transaction (as this was) I have never seen it take this long. Lisa (our Realtor) was amazing through the process as she constantly kept in contact with the buyers agent and made sure everything was moving along. In this deal Lisa had to work a little harder than normal and I think we both had to work a little harder than normal when it came to keeping our "cool". 


Now we being the next step.... and that is finding a new home! The pressure is officially on, as we don't have a lot of time before we have to be out of this one and moved into a new home but I am confident that with the September market there will be more listings that will interest us and we will find something perfect for our family. Our oldest (who is nearly 4) was excited today when we hung up the SOLD sign and he started asking if he could see our new home. The kids are going to have so much fun during this process I think.