One Month Down

It has been one full month that we have been in our new home.  What an incredible and exhausting journey it has been. 


The moving day went flawlessly, the movers were efficient, helpful and kind. (shout out to Globe Moving and Storage for being amazing) I am a huge believer in movers, there is no way at all that we would have been able to move our entire home in 6 hours. This included having all our major household items like couches, beds and dressers placed exactly where we wanted them and put back together, and rotating 3 fridges in our new home. 

Having 2 kids makes you incredibly efficient at unpacking. Getting all their stuff out and ready for them, and having the house organized as fast as possible was essential to our sanity. A few boxes sat out for a couple of days, which of course the kids took special interest in and insisted on climbing or trying to open and rip them apart. The items they were the most curious about were the ones that we were trying to put away.  The first week we spent a lot of late nights working our way through as many boxes as possible while the kiddos were sleeping, and I think by the first week we had it all done. Of course we need to sort out the shed and the few boxes that got tucked away into storage before we opened them, but otherwise we are doing pretty good! 

I think in terms of developing our new routines the kids did better than the adults! It took us a bit to settle in and figure out what goes where and how we wanted to operate in our new home. The kids love their playtime in the new basement, and our youngest loves his new bedroom (in our old house spent the first 18 months of his life sleeping in our walk in closet) The kitchen is the hardest and still needs a bit of tweaking, a few items will get moved around to make it as efficient as possible. 

The kids have had so much fun exploring our "new" grocery stores. I've had my share of difficulty parking on the wrong side of Superstore and taking 25 min to get out of the parking lot, and spending a good 10 min wandering around Sobeys looking for a stir-fry sauce, but I think I nearly have the new stores organized well in my brain. 

I am in love with our new neighbourhood. We have had a play with our new neighbours, and I have joined our community association. Trick-or-treating was so much fun and everyone was so kind. I feel that everyone in this neighbourhood is so welcoming and kind and I can't wait for summer adventures and meeting everyone once hibernation ends.